The road to Major League Baseball

The road to Major League Baseball

To become a major league baseball player in this country you need to put up a lot of work and dedication to accomplish such goal. We have many examples of Dominican baseball players in the majors. We have David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez (retired) and many other players. In this country it’s a free way out of poverty for many talented players, it is the most played game in Dominican Republic. There is an issue that some players can’t accomplish it while making their way into the big leagues, it’s the ability to learn English.

For you to become a baseball player you need to start playing in your early ages (3-6) When you turn 16, you are going to start a process of try-outs. If you do really good in your position, you might get a professional contract from a team and start your way through the minor leagues; if not, you have until you are 18. The minors have a series of steps from rookie league, class A, class A strong, Double A, Triple A, and finally: Major League. If you are consistent on the things you learn you will probably go through all of them in 2 years.

For people to play baseball you need to be really talented or either work extremely hard on your skills. Not everyone can become a Major League superstar; only the ones who put the best effort and dedication are the ones who will prevail and succeed.

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