The Experience in CBNH’s Tennis Class

The Experience in CBNH’s Tennis Class

Not every school in the Dominican Republic has the capacity or the option to teach tennis as a sport. New Horizons School is the exception. The school has its own system of seven different disciplines which each high school student can choose from. Due to personal preference and experiencing new types of disciplines, I chose tennis.

Starting from 2014 the school adopted this program of such variety of sports. Since then, the students have been experiencing new sports and learning new disciplines. In the case of tennis class, many students have chosen this discipline as their main one and the responses have been mostly positive. Tennis class is a mixture of previous knowledge with learning the rules and management of the racket and the ball. In my case I’ve developed these skills throughout the school year. The teacher is very consistent in showing the students the way people should hold the racket and other essential rules. It is crucial for the teacher to explain everything about the discipline, and this one has proven it. The main negative opinion I have and that others have is the length of the class which is 2 hours, although it is necessary because of the large number of students involved.

Since the start of this discipline, the teacher has improved the skills of the students and it is fair to assume everyone is satisfied with it.

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