New Horizons – Friendship Cup

New Horizons – Friendship Cup

New Horizons Bulldogs, after suffering many changes such as: staff people, team player, roster adjustments, and a new coach. It has been some barrier that these home team had to face up. But instead, it has produced a new beginning for them, full of new opportunities and achievements. Coach Wilkin Reyes has told us that it is an honor to coach this team, full of great players and a great team chemistry between them and him. The coach’s new techniques have caused major improvements on defense, and offense, bringing players to give all they can to reach “The promise land ”of basketball.

Some weeks before the basketball team started the 13th annual Friendship Cup, they host and the defending champs of this tournament. Recent information tells us that the bulldogs have a 1-1 record on the tournament, facing the quarter-finals against Saint Thomas School this Tuesday 3rd of February at 4:00pm, and if they win today, not only will they be at second place on the tournament standings, but also they would be playing the semi-finals and the finals in case they win. We hope they can bring the trophy home, where it belongs; and be crowned the back to back champs of male’s intermediate basketball friendship tournament of New Horizons!

Go Bulldogs!

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