New Horizons: Chinese New Year Fair -Interview to Raymond Sang-

New Horizons: Chinese New Year Fair -Interview to Raymond Sang-

Many people don’t know what a Chinese Fair is because they weren’t present in one, of course. New students in the New Horizons School are wondering what would be like. To tell you the truth, a Chinese Fair is amazing! You get to now many things from China: their culture, language and costumes. The next is an interview to a Chinese student.

1) How do you feel about the Chinese’s new year?Why?

I feel great about the Chinese new year, because my parents are Chinese and also I’m doing this for my family that I have.

2) How does Chinese stereotypes affect you?Why?

It doesn’t affect me since I don’t really care who are them because I will just cared about my family and friends.

3) How special does the Chinese’s new year is for you?

It is special for me because it celebrates a year where all the people are happy.

4) What are some traditions you follow in this celebration?

I decorated my house with Chinese decorations, and we have a New Year’s Eve Dinner.

5) What things make Chinese’s New Year special?

Well, in this country we celebrate each year as a different animal, there are 12 animals:

They are: the rat, the ox, tiger, rabbit, the dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, the dog and the pig.

6) Why Chinese’s new year is important for you ?

Chinese new year is important to me because I celebrated it with my family, had fun and they all came to the school with friends and family from China. We had a blast.

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