Gymnastics at New Horizons

Gymnastics is a sport that involves physical strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, control and balance. Gymnasts at New Horizons practice rhythmic gymnastics which isn’t the same as Olympic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is practiced with balls, hoops, ropes or ribbons.

While doing a floor routine with the ball the main elements are throwing, bouncing or rolling.

While doing a floor routine with the ribbon you require high coordination to be able to perform the circles and spirals with the ribbon without making any knots at the ribbon. The main elements are flicking, circles, snakes, spirals and throws.

The hoop’s elements are rotation around the body or hand, rolling, swings, circles, throws and passing the hoop.

The rope’s main elements on a routine are leaps, skipping, throws, swings, circles, rotations and figures of eight.

The gymnasts are divided by levels depending on how advanced they are.

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